I was catching up on some DVR watching last night and finally got through an old November episode of “Parenthood” on NBC.  If you don’t watch the show, I imagine most people reading this blog would know of at least this one infamous scene that took place in a grocery store (hopefully it’s still on Hulu).  But that’s not what inspired me last night.  In the episode “Put Yourself Out There” Kristina was fighting for Max, her son with Asperger’s (who attends an inclusive school with other kids with Asperger’s), to be invited to a classmate’s birthday party for which he was intentionally not invited.  Turns out the kids had an issue with the way they play together, so that put the two moms at odds with one another.  What was really powerful was watching both Kristina and the other student’s mom, Andie, stand-up for their respective child, be rejected, continue to fight, continue to reject, eventually open the door of possibility through shared bonds of motherhood and then end the show in a moment of what appeared to be the beginning of (yup, I’m going to say it)….a beautiful friendship.

There was a real moment of connection when the moms were able to open up to each other about their own struggles and share their own over-the-top experiences of what they’ve dealt with as a parent of a child with special needs.  Openness, sharing and a willingness to listen.  It’s powerful stuff, especially in our Special Olympics communities where so many families first enter our world and are amazed at the power of collaboration and the comfort of knowing that they aren’t alone.

So it’s in that spirit that today we’ll be starting to post (what we hope to be weekly) aggregate blog posts from the various disability blogs that we read and follow.  There is a wealth of knowledge being shared online and you can never have enough collaboration or too many resources.  It won’t all be specific to Special Olympics, but we will try to keep the focus on finding information you can use, or lessons you can learn from, or maybe even just stories you might relate to and enjoy reading.  If you read a great blog that you’d like to see pulled into the aggregate list of our blogroll, or come across a great blog post you want to see shared on our weekly list, send it our way and we’ll include it!

And with that here are four quick posts that have caught our attention recently…

  1. The Joys of Being a Special Needs Mom from Carrie with Children
  2. Petition Calls for Etsy to Take Down Offensive Cards from About.com’s Special Needs Children
  3. My New Title from M.O.B. Society
  4. LIE: I Love the School Holidays from Love Ella

One thought on “The Blogosphere Community

  1. Thanks for linking to my post on The MOB Society. Growing up in the world of Special Olympics with my sister, it’s great to see a site for the community! Something my mom would have loved thirty years ago. So thankful for the resources we have now.

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