A couple of years ago I started sending around a “Friday Fun” email to a small group of co-workers to make sure we all headed into the weekend with a smile. It was just a quick link to something goofy like a fun video or a funny blog post, stuff like that. Well, I figure everyone loves to smile and laugh so I’m instituting that tradition here on the blog! Except on here I’m going to try and keep it focused on fun videos that celebrate Special Olympics athletes and our mission in one way or another. Maybe I’ll sneak in something off topic if it’s really good, we’ll have to wait and see.

Meet Roy Hall, a 17 year-old athlete and 11 year SO veteran!

(We’re having a little embed code difficulty with Vimeo so this will open a new window and then you can hit play to see it)

This song from SO Kenya is just plain fun!

Watching Vanessa Williams should always brings a smile to your face – she simply radiates class!

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