Rarely does a day go by when each of us doesn’t think of something in the world we’d like to change.  Sometimes, we’d like to change someone we know and love.  Sometimes, we’d like to change our school or work place.  Sometimes, we’d like to change ourselves.

But most of the time, change is elusive and what we hope will be different just stays the same.  But then other times, we see a change right in front of our eyes and it makes us want to cheer.  That’s what happened today when Lady Gaga changed.  Yesterday on April 20 it was reported she spoke words that so many others have spoken without thinking: “That’s retarded,” she said in response to a question about one of her songs.  But more importantly, today, she spoke words that are full of thought:  “My apologies for not speaking thoughtfully. To anyone that was hurt, please know that it was furiously unintentional.  An honest mistake, requires honesty to make.”

That is change, unafraid, honest, and I believe sincere change.  Wow!

I know Lady Gaga has millions of fans around the world because of her music, but now she has fans for another reason as well.  She’s joined the campaign to open the world’s eyes to the gifts of people with intellectual differences and that’s a whole new reason to dance.

Welcome to the world of Special Olympics to our newest fan, Lady Gaga!

18 thoughts on “Drum roll please: Lady Gaga Changed!

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  2. please for give lady gaga i need you guys to respect her and everything and i support the specialolympics and i need you guys to move on and leave everything alone.

  3. please for give lady gaga she did not mean to say the r word and i am her number 1 fan so please back off of her and she said she was sorry so thats all that matters she wont do it again and she is a romodle to all kinds of people and i use to be in special olympics and so back off of lady gaga please let it go and move on with your lifes and i support special olympics

  4. did you guys get hurt when she said that word i forgive her i am her #1 fan so people back the hell off of her

  5. Awesome!! She is more grown up than most adults. She admits when she was wrong and is willing to change ❤ Thanks Gaga

  6. I support Special Olympics & End The Word Campaign. My dearest niece has Down’s Syndrome.

    Curious why the only source noted above is not a reputable, respected, fact based news site like New York Times or the Washington Post. perezhilton.com? It’s a questionable gossip site.

    Has Stefani Germanotta joined the End The Word Campaign?
    Does joined mean PLEDGED?

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  8. After so many celebrities have tried to defend their use of the “R-word”, I am so glad to see one apologize without ruining her apology by adding “but, I didn’t mean it like that” or “everybody says it”. Just a simple apology and a promise not to do it again. You still can’t make me like her music, LOL, but she has gained my respect.

  9. At least she admitted to making a mistake … it’s much better than what Jennifer Aniston did after her slip on TV (nothing)!

  10. Someone who uses the word so easily, as she did in a response, is evidence that the person really thinks that way. It’s almost a reflex. So, for me, a quick “please forgive me” response, probably drafted by her publicist, is not enough. If she starts to donate money and use her name to promote the Special Olympics and the campaign to stomp out the “R” word, then I’ll start to believe she is genuine.

    • Wow…where is the forgiveness? Must be tough being so perfect and never saying anything foolish. Give it a rest; we all let our filter slip now and then.

  11. I commend her for apologizing. She could very well have just not mentioned her mistake and eventually it would have been forgotten, but she didn’t. She issued a heartfelt apology which I felt was very respectful. We all make mistakes…it’s how we learn.

  12. Wow. I have to say I’m impressed… thank you Lady Gaga… my daughter has enjoyed watching her videos (while maybe not that appropriate, really theatrical & Maggie loves them)… and I thought of Mags when I heard “Born this Way”. So, it was disappointing to hear Lady Gaga use the word. I thought she was someone who gets – even embraces – being different. Well, her swift & heartfelt apology brought me back to being a fan!

  13. I am not an admirer of Lady Gaga, not at all, but i admire honesty and willingness to help with a difficult and serious cause. So respect for Lady Gaga!

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