There are some great and inspiring stories floating around right now that I thought I’d share… Definitely puts you in the holiday mood with the spirit of giving! Enjoy! 

First up – the Carolina Panthers (NFL Team) surprised Special Olympics North Carolina and Special Olympics South Carolina with grants of $73,778 each, representing the number of seats at Bank of America stadium where the Panthers play. Special Olympics athletes and staff had no idea the gift was coming and were shocked to walk into a stadium full of people. Check out the full story for more details .

On Monday you saw a great song from Matty B Raps… now check out a song that was written, recorded and produced by 12-year-old Mike Sabath. The song’s called “Hundred of Hands” and is about kids making a difference. What do you think? Pretty amazing, huh?

Finally, here’s a great story about giving back. Chris Ringot, who will be a swimmer for Team USA at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games, is serving as a role model, inspiration and instructor for kids participating in the Young Athletes program. What a great story about an athlete becoming a leader and making an impact in his community! Check out the full story.

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