Welcome to the World of Special Olympics! Our blog is THE place for anyone with an interest in Special Olympics to see all kinds of cool stuff that we don’t get to share often enough.

The “we” will be an ever growing collection of staff, athletes, volunteers and others (aka “The Storytellers”) who come across so much great information and anecdotes about our movement, and its’ athletes, family members and volunteers, everyday but often don’t get to push it out in a public forum.We also post material now and then from “Guest Bloggers” who may or may not be associated with Special Olympics. You can see who we are on the right rail in the “Meet the Storytellers” area.*

And don’t worry, you’ll also get a healthy dose of the staples like news and information, but what we really want to focus on is highlighting all those little tidbits of joy, inspiration and courage that make Special Olympics what we are today – the world’s largest movement of inclusion and respect!

We also want to hear from you! Got a story, picture or video to share? Send it to us! Have a question about Special Olympics? Ask us! Want to hear more about a certain topic? Let us know, we’re here to serve you!

So bookmarks us, toss us in your RSS reader, sign up for email updates, or just come back here as often as you can to stay up to date with everything that’s happening, because as we like to say, with tens of thousands of events throughout the year across every continent in every region of the world – the sun never sets on the Special Olympics Movement!

See ya soon!

*Please note that any opinion shared on our blog, unless designated as an official statement by Special Olympics, is the opinion of the posting author or guest blogger and not the position of the Special Olympics organization.

65 thoughts on “About our Blog

  1. I just read Ann Coulters latest about President Trump. I am very apalled at her choice ti be so hurtful and disrespectful by so freely using the R word. I am looking for direction for matbe someone I can contact to bring attention ro her and her using the R word. As the mother of a special daughter we work very hard to stop the use of this word. I am so offended and hurt that she continues to use the R word. If anyone can guide.me please respond. Thankyou so much for your time. WE MUST STOP THE USE OF THE R WORD NOW.

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  3. I would like to know how to share my story of the very first Special Olympics..does anybody know where I go or how do I begin to tell my story?

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  5. This was an exceptional post and I just can’t comprehend why there are not more like this on the first page of the big g serp’s.

    Why the heck are there so numerous youtube clips and ads.
    .. there needs to be sites like this!

  6. John Franklin Stephens is to be commended. He is able to rise above all this political back biting and pens excellent, motivating and inspirational works. Keep up the great work, John !

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  8. Hey, JFR, you ARE the ‘R” word; Righteous; Right-On, Rockin’, Resourceful, Reflective & RIGHT.
    You are also a gentleman, articulate, thoughtful and smart. Thank you for teaching us to think slowly and carefully, before we speak. Nothing wrong about that at all. And there is nothing wrong or ‘slow’ about bouncing ideas off someone else before you say them in public. Do you think Ms Coulter got the point?
    Well done, you.

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