Theodore Roosevelt once said that American politics is World politics, a statement that reflects America’s proud role as the world’s moral compass.  Yesterday, with the U.S. Senate’s failure to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, we lost our bearings.  We failed to recognize that the core values reflected in this important treaty — the protection of the rights of all individuals to participate fully and freely in their communities — are precisely the core values of our Constitution and our nation itself.

More than 20 years ago, our country’s political leaders were unified in passing the Americans with Disabilities Act because they realized that it provided a shining example to the world of our commitment to individual liberties and protection of the basic rights of all people.  As of today, more than 150 countries worldwide have followed our historical leadership in this area and ratified the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.  They have shown that raising a nation’s colors in peace is as important as raising them in conflicts.  Indeed, doing so represents the heralding of our greatest collective strengths.

But yesterday, we failed to live up to our own example, and instead showed a watching world that political dissonance has become our nation’s greatest disability.


6 thoughts on “Senate Fails to Ratify CRPD

  1. So very sad ! I’m SO athlete this makes me sick ! Our great nation can’t even pass a simple bill that talk about equality Come on . This is not an issue or right or left it about dignity of these people ! Sometimes I wish Ted Kennedy was still here to see what happen after he died and for him to once again speak open about this subject .

  2. This is who were are? For those who voted against this treaty don’t represent me or my daughter, who is the love of my life and intellectual disabled. My daughter works and pays into the system..but this treaty was not about our ADA, it said that my daughter, and perhaps you too, can not get freedom of movement should you want to go out of the USA. This is so disgusting I barely have the words, and let me say the factor the words United Nations was on the treaty in small lettering has nothing to do with this treaty. Shame on all of you who gave ugly and prejudicial negative votes against yet another step to give the disabled a full live wherever they choose to go. The world is watching and they don’t get us, and they do not understand this vote.

  3. This is a travesty. How can our country that stands strong in individual’s civil rights not adopt this resolution. It makes no sense, and proves to me that our elected officials have not educated themselves on what this resolution is all about.

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