Both myself, and Special Olympics CEO Janet Froetscher are very excited to share that on Nov. 19, at the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the Republic of Korea presented the Presidential Award to the Games Organizing Committee (GOC) of the 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Pyeongchang for their achievements related to hosting the World Games!

The list of dedicated individuals who made these Games possible is endless, but we’d like to acknowledge the exceptional leadership of a few who were honored by their government this week.

Chairwoman Na and Mr. Woo were awarded the Cheongryong Medal, the highest Order of Sport Merit.

Mr. Lim was awarded the Maengho Medal, the second level of Sport Merit.

Mr. Kim and Mr. Song were awarded Geosang Medal, the third level of Sport Merit.

Many of the deserving and hard working staff of the GOC also received recognition through Presidential Certificates & Awards.

A special thank you to Chairwoman Na for her outstanding leadership of these Games, and to Mr. Woo Ki Jung, our Former Chairman of Special Olympics Korea who worked hard to bring these Games to Korea in the beginning and championed our Program in Korea for years when few in the country knew anything about us.  

Their fearlessness brought Special Olympics athletes in Korea from the shadows into the Presidential spotlight.  That is a legacy for which to truly be proud.  Congratulations to all!

Below, please enjoy a few pictures from the Presidential presentation ceremony.

-Janet & Tim

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