Loretta Claiborne was the last speaker at TEDxMidatlantic this past October — and they certainly saved the best for last!  “Be Fearless” was the theme of these TED talks where Loretta represented the more than 4 million FEARLESS athletes who are part of Special Olympics.  Her talk was moving, inspiring, eye-opening and challenged every person sitting in that auditorium.  I can confidently say, when she concluded her speech, not a heart was left unchanged.  See for yourself!

Note: A couple months earlier, Loretta was featured as part of The Case Foundation’s Be Fearless series on Special Olympics.  If you haven’t seen the series, you can check it out here: Loretta, Tim Harris (Special Olympics Nevada athlete), George Srour (Special Olympics volunteer) and Tim Shriver.


12 thoughts on “Loretta Claiborne on TED!

  1. Loretta is extremely inspirational, awesome, and fearless. She totally motivates me with her life story. Keep doing you, Loretta!

  2. I think Loretta is a true inspiration. She knows where her head is at, and loretta has the place jumping. Good luck with your future loretta and keep inspiring. I 2 am a global messenger for special olympics, i hope to be like Loretta. Gerry Meyer

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