John Franklin Stephens

The following is a guest post in the form of an open letter from Special Olympics athlete and global messenger John Franklin Stephens to Ann Coulter after this tweet during last night’s Presidential debate.

Dear Ann Coulter,

Come on Ms. Coulter, you aren’t dumb and you aren’t shallow.  So why are you continually using a word like the R-word as an insult?

I’m a 30 year old man with Down syndrome who has struggled with the public’s perception that an intellectual disability means that I am dumb and shallow.  I am not either of those things, but I do process information more slowly than the rest of you.  In fact it has taken me all day to figure out how to respond to your use of the R-word last night.

I thought first of asking whether you meant to describe the President as someone who was bullied as a child by people like you, but rose above it to find a way to succeed in life as many of my fellow Special Olympians have.

Then I wondered if you meant to describe him as someone who has to struggle to be thoughtful about everything he says, as everyone else races from one snarkey sound bite to the next.

Finally, I wondered if you meant to degrade him as someone who is likely to receive bad health care, live in low grade housing with very little income and still manages to see life as a wonderful gift.

Because, Ms. Coulter, that is who we are – and much, much more.

After I saw your tweet, I realized you just wanted to belittle the President by linking him to people like me.  You assumed that people would understand and accept that being linked to someone like me is an insult and you assumed you could get away with it and still appear on TV.

I have to wonder if you considered other hateful words but recoiled from the backlash.

Well, Ms. Coulter, you, and society, need to learn that being compared to people like me should be considered a badge of honor.

No one overcomes more than we do and still loves life so much.

Come join us someday at Special Olympics.  See if you can walk away with your heart unchanged.

A friend you haven’t made yet,
John Franklin Stephens
Global Messenger
Special Olympics Virginia

EDITOR’S NOTE: John has previously written powerful opinion pieces on the R-word. Read one here.

6,801 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Ann Coulter

  1. I don’t see the need for a petition. Ann and John have both exercised their freedom of speech. One so more eloquently and academically literate than the other. I love special Olympics and I love irony. This is an awesome beat down. But I’d go so far as to say the fight seems a bit unfair. A wise man speaks to say something, a fool to just say anything.

  2. My thesaurus says that “retard” means to delay, hinder, impede, hold back, slow down – all words that appropriatley describe what Obama has done in his 4 years. None of these words would I use to describe people who have developmental disabilities.

  3. Ann Coulter’s comment is just a symptom. As an elementary principal I had to deal with the special education bureaucracy that used “mentally retarded” as an official classification. I once had a parent ask me “who called my kid a retard?” I told her that she would have to talk to the school psychologist. Keep up your excellent efforts. People with Down syndrome are making great strides and often inspire others. The home coming queen at my local high school is a great example.

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  6. This is a beautifully written, compelling response to a stupid comment by a spoiled, privileged, mean-spirited person. Does she have a right to state her opinion? Yes. But it is much more satisfying and rewarding to read a carefully composed, thoughtful, and benevolent response like this one, from a person who faces adversity that the offensive one could not even comprehend.

    • Wow Rekim100. What would you say about someone who characterizes another persons comment as “a stupid comment by a spoiled, privileged, mean-spirited person”. Pretty strong. I think Ann Coulter is an intelligent woman who made a mistake. I think the same of the President when he referred to the Special Olympics in a derogatory way. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about him.

      • Wow Morgan Patton. President Obama apologized for his derogatory comment. Ann Coulter did not apologize. She has not expressed public regret for her comment. I have not seen any evidence from her that she thinks her comment was a mistake. How can you characterize Ann as a person “who made a mistake”?

      • Obama apologized, but that’s not the point. He obviously meant to make a self-effacing joke, about his sub-par performance being similar to SO athletes. Anne obviously meant to insult someone who was being rude and condescending to avoid being honest. Yet the word is both a colloquial insult, and a medical description. What the Left is asking her to apologize for, is as if she meant to use the word in the ‘medical description’ sense, when she obviously did not. Therefore, she’s not apologizing any more than she should if she had used the word idiot.

        I agree though that it’s unfortunate that the word is both a colloquial insult and a medical description.

      • David, On CNN, Anne Coulter made an intelligent argument in defense of her using the word. As a result of her explanation, I understand that her intent was not directed towards people with disabilities. I take her at her word and when you consider the tweet in context, it is clear she was not trying to demean anyone with a disability. Many people critical of Ms. Coulter are not being honest and are attempting to judge her with the intent to compare the President with people having disabilities. She explained it sufficiently and that was not the intent. However, for the reasons stated in JFS’ letter (assisted by his father and possibly others) I believe she could have used a better word. Therefore, I think it was a mistake for her to use the word.

        Having a family member with Down’s and being involved in the Special Olympics, the President’s reference is by far more offensive to me and he should have apologized. There is no defense for his derogatory reference of the Special Olympics. I accept the President’s apology.

      • Thanks for replying with evidence. I read the transcript of the interview. Ann denied 2 (or 3 times) that “retard” is offensive. After she quit arguing this point, she went on to justify her choice of words. So, she made a mistake by using a word to deride Obama that she didn’t realize was offensive to other people.
        At this point, she knows that many people consider the word offensive. (The three dictionaries that I checked all included definitions that were described as “derogatory” or “insulting”.) When asked at the end of the interview if she would use the word again, she said that would use it again. If her previous public use of this word was a mistake, how do you reconcile her willingness to continue to using this word?

      • Sorry Morgan Patton, reasonable minds can disagree on this one. Ms. Coulter has made a number of harsh and mean-spirited comments about gays, muslims, minorities, and disabled individuals. This is not just one accidental comment. She has not had to walk in the shoes of any of these groups that she so casually derides. Even if doing so for sport or for publicity — it still is ugly, lacks compassion, and is beneath an intelligent person. I do not however dispute her first amendment right to speak or your or my first amendment rights to state our differing points of view.

      • rekim100: The bottom line is that Ann Coulter clearly was not trying to communicate that President Obama was a person with intellectual disabilities. That is the assumption of the letter that bears the signature of Mr. Stephens. Say what you will about Ms. Coulter, it is her job to use controversy in making her points. However, no one can seize the thougths of Ms. Coulter (or anyone else) and define her intent based on their interpretation. She is a bold woman that has proven herself unafraid of her critics. She defended her use of the word in an intelligent manner. Give her credit that she would correct the record if her intent was different. She said exactly what she wanted to say and has defended it in a coherant way. Her use of the word in context bears out her explanation. Many, including me, will judge that it was not the best word for her to use to communicate her thought. However, I will defend the integrity of the statement by not becoming a false witness to what she said.

        Those that have chosen to become a false witness do so for political gain. It is admitted by JFS that his father and perhaps others assist him with his writing. Being familiar with Down’s Syndrome, I find that most probable in this case.

        Therefore, in context, we have Ann Coulter being singled out – not for what she said – but what some would have her to say. So, the whole premise is a lie for political gain. Who would do such a thing? Just look at the name – Tim Shriver (President of the Special Olympics). The Shriver family has quite a history in politics. You should look it up sometime (hint: Kennedy-Shriver), then you can clearly see what is going on. You may choose to disagree with me because you find that convenient to satisfy your own perversions of the truth and don’t mind being a false witness for the benefit of a coward (Tim Shriver). Therefore, rekim100, I would not refer to your way of thinking as “reasonable” at all.

  7. I feel that after reading your open letter this would be a better place if you, John Franklin Stephens, were talking on T.V,. and she was at home, doing what ever people who can’t qualify for the Special Olympics do.

  8. After reading Mr. Stephans’ response to Coulter’s typical vomitus, the only R-word that comes to mind is “Remarkable”. She thought she was going to win this by not backing down, but all she did was show that as usual, she’s fighting well outside her weight class. Mr. Stephans delivered an intellectual beatdown, and still managed to be kinder and gentler than Coulter deserved.

  9. Mr Stephens…an amazing pice by an articulate gentleman. I spent 4 years, while in college, spending time and working with Special olympics. It was one of the most fascinating and resonating period of my life. NAs a Conservative, I too find Miss Coulter to be a over the edge, so yes she could stand to get to know more about people with special abilities and the use of the “R” word is inapporopriate. With that being said, I also have a problem with PC in too much of life and outr society. When Sarah Palin was vilified for speaking out against those that based her special young boy (Trig), I was amazed no one came to her aid against the liberal media that is very one-sided. I will not turn this into an anti-Obama liturgy as you can already gain that from my positioning. My one thought is say, good job with your eloquence and decency and hope more Americans could address life and this election in such a manner.

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  13. Ann Coulter, obsessed with the use of the word “retard” and just can’t let it go. She could probably get away with using a word like “moron”, or “imbecile”, and certainly “idiot”, but because she was a younger person in the Eighties when the word “retard” was thrown around by immature teenagers to bully other teenagers she can’t let go of the compulsion of using the word in 2012, regardless of who it offends or why. A true hard core Republican through and through: unwilling to compromise, or to admit a wrong, or to apologize. How sad.

    • Trevor, I don’t agree with Ann Coulter’s choice of that word. However, when she was maliciously and relentlessly attacked on CNN, she defended her use of the word in a logical way. I still believe she shouldn’t have used the word. But her intent was to say the President was something of a moron, imbecile or idiot – based on his behavior in the debate.

      In contrast, President Obama made a specific reference to the Special Olympics when he was referring to his bowling abilities (or lack of them).

      So, what does her being a Republican have to do with her choosing the wrong word. Are you suggesting that only Republicans do that. Look honestly at the example before you. To add to that, here is a word for you: Biden.

      Don’t be fooled. This open letter is a ploy by Tim Shriver (Kennedy Family) to exploit a most fragile segment of our society for political purposes. Tim Shriver is a coward and should resign.

    • What’s sad is that you either won’t apologize for using the same word against Bush, and probably Sarah, and/or didn’t denigrate other leftists who did during Bush’s eight years in office.

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  15. What a superior human being in every way possible in comparision to mr coulter, no im not confused. That intellectual slime and her? kind, when they close there eyes at night know deep down to their core how low and dispicable they are. And we all know, how sad beings like that exist on this planet. Dont feel bad john, feel sorry for that type on thing on planet earth.

  16. Where was the outcry when Obama referred to his bowling as looking “Like the Special Olympics” ? Or when Zach Galifianakis said, “Rainman did it, and he was a reTARD” ?
    I agree with J.F. Stephens and am glad he spoke out – but to use this to serve as a political push is absurd and I think takes away from the point and ground Stephens was trying to make.

    • Well said Brooke. I think you should write the next open letter by JFS. At least then we can all be sure that a great cause like the Special Olympics will not be exploited by the Kennedy-Shriver Family to promote their own political agendas.

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  19. Personally I cant stand most of what she says. BUT I will defend to the death her right to express herself. I listened this weekend to some Canadian Federal Government HR Spokes person, speaking on the CBC, describing turns of phrase now Verboten by the Cdn Government. Phrases like Bless You – (for a sneeze), ‘Oh My God’ for any Exclamation of joy/pain/surprise, and other equally benign turns of phrase have all been banned. They have apparently decided that if it is possible for some to perceive malevolence of intent, then the means of expression should be suppressed. In a market sense, this is first loser advantage, meaning that whoever complains first, and the loudest, must be granted their way. Free Speech – only if granted by the Canadian Government, not an inalienable right. In Ann’s world, I am free to bark at her if I don;t like what she says, in the Canadian Government’s world, I’m looking over my shoulder for sanctions.

    • Coulter’s tweet was this: “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.” What if it had been this: “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the nigger.” Would you defend to the death her right to express herself then? (You weren’t being literal anyway, were you? Quoting Voltaire is all nice and good but I don’t see you guarding Coulter any time soon from an angry mob.)

      • I’m pretty sure the right to free speech describes the right to use any word. The liberal hypocritical left would agrue free speech is only the right to say what they agree with, or actions that many of us find repulsive and offensive such as flag burning and baby killing. I have no clue how this country became so sensitive and when it was determined that words were so powerful. I was taught at a young age that stick and stones can cause damage but words can never hurt me. While I agree that as a decent person there are many things that are rude and one shouldn’t say, I also realize that the oppression of words is what gives them strength. So the more we make a huge deal of certain “unpseakable” words and refer to them as the “r” and “n” word, the more powerful they become. Being mentally retarded is not a bad word, by the way. This political correctness is despicable and insulting.

    • Wow you really believe that??? That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard, we can say whatever we want – bless you and oh my God. Before you put down MY country, please get your facts straight.

      • Believe what? That some Bozon from the federal civil service said what she said? Its a matter of fact – contact the CBC for the transcripts of “This is That”. I was completely appalled – really I’m not making this up!

    • Hey Marty,

      You do know ‘that this is that’ is a satirical show. As the description says below it’s all fake and the content are fabricated. I can see how the dead pan tone of the show could have mislead you.

      ‘This Is That is a current affairs program that doesn’t just talk about the issues, it fabricates them. Nothing is off limits–politics, business, culture, justice, science, religion–if it is relevant to Canadians, we’ll find out the “This” and the “That” of the story.

      Each week, hosts Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring introduce you to the voices and stories that give this country character in this 100% improvised, satirical send-up of public radio.’


      • Thanks, I do now – with much relief! I worked for 6 years in a university back in the 90’s. More political correctness than parliament has hot air.

    • When the HR member said that saying “God Bless You” MAY result in your having to attend sensativity training she wasn’t talking about personal speech she was talking about an employee of the government speaking to someone as a government employee. The concern being that the person that sneezed may be offended, admittedly fairly ridiculous thing to be offended about but complaints have been made about all kinds of dumb things. In personal speech you are free to say what you want, just not as a representative of the government. Just like I can call you a tool persoanlly, whereas I could be brought up to HR for calling you a tool in my professional capacity (if I were an employee of the government). If you actually listened to the full interview I would have thought you would have understood this, but maybe you are just being intentionally thick to try to make a point that Coulter should be allowed to be insulting and ignorant. If that is the case, nice job defending something that isn’t defensible.
      As far as free speech goes, there are always some level of restriction, if you don’t belive me shout bomb in an airport or fire in a crowded public space and see what happens.

      • oh my!
        the defense is of her right to say typically horrible things, not the things themselves. of course to call me a tool in your professional capacity would be surprising on several fronts, one that you have a professional capacity, and two, the fact that you would praise me for having the type of functionality we’ve come to expect from our tools. On the topic of thickness, better to be thick, rather than narrow and lacking capacity for in depth penetration of a subject. any subject.

    • “BUT I will defend to the death her right to express herself.”
      Suit yourself… & I personally wouldn’t bother to piss on her if she were on fire.

      • That’s because you don’t care, and your desire for another’s torturous death makes that clear. You don’t care that she was responding to someone who was bullying and condescending her friend; or in her mind was sticking up for a friend against a bully. You don’t care about real motives, because you *wish* to believe her motives were actually from an evil place, so as to justify your ugly longings and murderous intent.

        So just, wow, leftists are despicable.

      • Why are any of you slinging this political BS here? Are you people completely unaware that this is about an amazing young man standing up to a despicable bully. I don’t care who is liberal or who is conservative, the only thing that matters is who is willing to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves! Get your your priorities straight on both sides or take it somewhere else!

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  21. John, your comments are so clear and articulate that I think you make Ann Coultier look like the idiot that she is. My hat is off to you John! 🙂 Thank you for speaking out to really “call” people on some of BS that they have falling out of their mouths. Your comments and articulate manner seem to be far more intelligent than almost everything that I have ever heard Ann Coultier say. We really don’t need “talking heads” like Ann Coultier speaking for so many other people when we would be far better to have someone like you! Thanks again!

    • Excellent point Matthew. I myself got so caught up in outrage and trying to get people to sign an online petition against Ann Coulter that I didn’t even mention John or his wonderful letter in my previous post. I guess it’s easy to focus only on the negative in situations like this and forget about how the special needs community is overflowing with forgiveness and compassion. I’ve been angry for too long but I’m trying so hard to emulate all of the wonderful qualities I’ve seen in the same people I’ve been defending all these years. I suppose I just needed to be reminded of why we keep fighting. So I thank both you and John Franklin Stephens.

      • Don’t forget to write yourself off for calling Bush a re**rd, and often, and for many years. Lol.. 😉
        Oh, and while you’re at it, include an apology clause to Sarah, Trig and their family, for what you did to her Downs kid and how you treated them like animals or worse.

      • Oh Japes, Japes, Japes. Again with the accusations for what someone else said about Bush II, Palin, or her grandson. What makes you think that? Projection? Self-loathing? Bush II was a lousy President. Not very smart as Presidents go. Who called him the R word? I didn’t. I considered him to be a moron, like you, but never the r-word. Palin, she’s a moron and proves it regularly when she opens her mouth to comment on things she knows nothing about. In consideration of anyone calling her innocent grandchild any name, shame on them.

      • Don’t lie, Adam. This is wrong. For we all know what you did. We all you what you’ve said about Bush and that lady who is far more intelligent and of much more constitution than yourself. We know how you hurt that young family with a new Downs kid to look after. Shame on you leftist. Shame on you.

      • How did I Japesy? How? You don’t know me. You never met me. You only became aware of me a couple of days ago on this forum. You wear armor made of egg shells. You are as factual as Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan making a campaign speech. Then again you likely believe everything they say because you are unable to think for yourself since you look at the world through Fox colored glasses. Sarah is a liar. I hope she is anyway because if she isn’t consciously a liar than she’s likely as dumb as you. Her grandchild is innocent.

      • Wow! – Japes I hope your post from 7:46 p.m. wasn’t directed at me. My brother has downs syndrome and I have fought for the disabled my entire life. I have never used the r-word or tolerated it from anyone. All through elementary school I was beat up and ridiculed for defending special needs students. I simply detest anyone who uses that word or degrades the disabled in any way no matter who they are. From liberal to conservative or politician to comedian it doesn’t I have zero tolerance! You might want ease up on the assumptions.

      • re “easing up on the assumptions”, if I’m to remain honest, I can’t do that when referring to the Left in general. Or maybe better put, the ideology of secular leftism. Think Clarence Thomas, and the outrage at his alleged ‘sexual harrasment’ for the pubes on the coke can naughty joke, compared to Bill Clinton, and not just his cavorting with an intern (ie. someone who knows that one phone call from him, for her, could change her life forever. Talk about ‘differing power roles’!) or the woman lined up around the block to accuse him of harrasment and adultery, but a woman (Juanita Broderik) crying her eyes out on 60 minutes in recalling how Bill had forcibly raped her. Yet there was hardly a peep of concern of the Left in general. And most notably, nothing from one of the Left’s major power players, the NOW organization. It was like pulling teeth to get NOW to admit he’d done anything wrong, much less the absolute outrage they showed over and during Clarence Thomas’ public flogging.
        So the point is clear. The Left is hypocritical. Why? Because if one of their respected thinkers, like Bill Maher or John Stewart, had called Bush or Sarah a ret**d last week, you, (4-DEEDS-UNDONE) may have been and felt offended, but the Left in general would not have. (…and this means 90+ percent of media, too.) It’s this blatant hypocrisy which suggests the outrage itself is shallow or disingenuous. What matters is these people, and the truth. The word is both a colloquial insult and a medical term in our culture, and this doesn’t seem right; I completely agree with you.

      • Japes I am a registered independent in the state of Utah. I have never claimed to speak for the left and my outrage has remained constant year after year when it comes to using the r-word or picking on the disabled. Yes I’ve been just as pissed off at other people in other professions with different beliefs but always for similar reasons. I’m thinking it may be time for me to turn my attention to a more productive venue since this place has taken a turn for the worse. Hopefully I can find someplace where politics and religion do not trump the basic and simple message of equality and compassion. I will continue my efforts to support all online petitions and boycotts that will make Ann Coulter’s life less convenient and profitable with my head held high.

      • You wrote:
        “I will continue my efforts to support all online petitions and boycotts that will make Ann Coulter’s life less convenient and profitable with my head held high.”

        By doing this, you are literally encouraging the ideological side (that she fights against) whose ideas and policies result in more dead Downs Kids than otherwise. Yet you choose your own priorities I guess.

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  24. Wow! I cannot believe how nasty things have gotten on this message board within the past 7 hours! For anyone who is willing to put aside political differences and try to make their voices heard here is the link for the online petition to get Ann Coulter off the air or at least bumped down to a smaller stage. Not everyone will agree with this petition that I’m supporting but freedom of speech is a two way street, she had her turn to speak so now it’s ours.
    Also if you would like to say anything to her publishers I would urge you to send an email to sentinelpublicity@us.penguingroup.com and just try to focus on decency over politics.
    Any support is greatly appreciated and to those who may not agree with me but are still willing to keep things rational and respectful I thank you. We may not all seek the same means to the same ends but willingness to love, support, and defend the most vulnerable members of society is enough of a common bond for me.

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  26. I have spoken with adults and young adults about their use of the R-word face-to-face. It is awkward doing this for everyone involved, but if they are truly compassionate and mature men and women, even the ones that used this derogatory term their whole life will work to eliminate the R-word from their vocabulary.

    • Agreed Kristi, I just wish there was this much outrage against those who called Trig (Sarah Palin’s son) much worse. Trig was unable to defend himself and Sarah Palin was vilified when she defended him. Can you imagine the pain and outrage the Palin family endured?
      I know you are sincere but unfortunately most comments on this post are politically driven not compassion driven.

      • Levi Johnston, Trigg’s father, said that Sarah would favor her other grandson Tripp, over Trigg, because… he said Sarah would refer to Trigg as the “retarted one.” From all the nasty name calling that she does… I believe she does call him names.

      • Stella, you are a disgusting human being to write what you’ve written. To unjustly publicly humiliate and/or slander someone, is akin to murder according to the Torah. By what you’ve done, I would bet my life that Sarah is a better woman and Mother than you, and more than you can imagine.

        Why? A few reasons, besides the fact that’s is blatantly obvious Sarah loves him by watching them. For one, you know that over 90% of woman choose to kill their child if it’s a Downs Kid. You know that, therefore, Sarah should logically be commended for that alone, since it is literally exceptional that she chose to have the boy. You know that Levi and Sarah’s daughter Bristol had a terrible break-up, and that Levi has proven to be the scum, or the accusations against him by her are likely true, (he basically raped her) by how he’s acted since the break-up. For he’s done everything he could for money to capitalize off of Sarah’s success’, including selling out the family and his old friends and on to do porn.

        So, you are siding with a guy who abandoned his new child, raped and cheated on it’s Mother when they were together, sold out her family for the highest bidder, and with lies, and went on to do porn. That’s a pathetic excuse for your behavior, Stella. Shame on you.

      • Sure, Levi is a pinnacle of integrity. People will always believe what they want to believe, common sense be damned.

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  29. And the concern of “conservatives” for the unborn ends the moment they are born; then the children and their mothers are the subject of your scorn as “welfare queens” and the like. Your whole position is “I’ve got mine so scr&w you”; a combination of the robber barons of old with respect to finance and an “American taliban” with respect to women’s rights. Go back to the 14th century where you belong.

    • “And the concern of “conservatives” for the unborn ends the moment they are born…”
      Odd, given that conservatives provide more money and time to charitable causes than liberals, according to this Boston Globe opinion piece.. http://tinyurl.com/whosstingy
      As it was expressed earlier in the comments, Ms. Coulter meant no disrespect to Mr. Stephens, as she states in an interview with Alan Colmes…”Look, no one would refer to a Down Syndrome child, someone with an actual mental handicap, by saying ‘retard.’ Where do you think the words ‘imbecile,’ ‘idiot,’ ‘moron,’ ‘cretin’ come from? These were all technical terms at one time. ‘Retard’ had been used colloquially to just mean ‘loser’ for 30 years,” she continued.

    • I live in the 21st century, thank you, and I am one of those “conservatives” you are bashing. I do not have a “I’ve got mine so sc&w you” position, and am 100% for EVERYONE’s rights. I do not want to pay for anyone contraception or abortion with my taxes. Do you have an issue with that? I pay for my own healthcare and that of my kids. I work, I pay my taxes, and I have never taken a hand-out in my life. I have hard-working, respectful kids who work and attend college – who, also, would never take a hand out. My 16 year old pays for her own cell phone. I give to charities, and my kids have gone to Third-World countries to help in building purified water systems, and churches and helping in orphanages. I am one of those “conservatives” you are bashing and I know a whole lot more of them, just like me, who are tired of being bashed by you and the others who think like you just because we do not vote for what you want us to vote for, because we are sticking up for our right to voice our opinions and because we’re tired of the double-standard that the liberals live by. It’s time to grow up, look at what you want from your life and see if bashing me and the other millions of conservatives in this country we call the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – ONE NATION UNDER GOD, is getting you anywhere closer to what you want from your life.

      • The sooner people realize that this is not, in fact, a “Nation Under God,” the better off this country will be. It’s fine and good to be religious and what not, but it is NOT to be a part of our government.

      • I agree with Josh down here. Keep all gods out of politics. They belong in your house and your church, and to yourself.

    • Barb, Conservatives give far more in time and money to charity than leftists like yourself. In every study ever done. They also adopt far more, and tend to be against killing their own kid before he’s born, if he has Downs. It is you leftist materialists who actually kill the child, so get off your high horse about Anne calling your beloved President a name that you used to call Bush everyday. Despicable.

      • Japes, I believe your ideology and assertions are not supported by the facts. Please site your sources. Anything from the Heritage Foundation doesn’t count. Troll.

      • Japesy, I won’t disagree. Truth is tryth. I merely asked you to source your assertions. Let’s see something to back up the information you say is true. I’d like to see the statistical data. I also believe in your haste to insult me you meant to say I will never “be god” not “ne god.” I don’t wish to be a god nor do I believe one exists. For a man to wish to be a god would be a sign of megalomania. Projecting again?

      • If you’re truly interested in truth, you would seek it and not ask me, genius. (Do you see how tactful I was there, in not overtly calling you an idiot or moron like you’ve been repeatedly calling me? Isn’t this fun?)
        Re the “I want to be God” challenge. You don’t get why it was a potentially valuable challenge, because you are a materialist in philosophy and leftist in ideology, and this world view leaves no room for you to contemplate the extent of what your Daddy issues mean to how you perceive your place in existence, and in fact, what existence is worth at all.

      • So missing my deceased father gives me “daddy issues?” No, not really. My father and I had the relationship that would make other men envious. We spent a lot of time together even after I moved out of my parents house. That’s what a loving family is. I suspect you might not have experienced that. So sad.

        You may feel free to call me anything derogatory you wish. If I were to pick a religion it would be budhism. What you say has no effect on my metaphysical being. Say as you wish. I will transcend.

        Materialsm. That would amuse anyone that actually knows me to say that. I have so little material belongings I am a 44 year old boat, a computer, and a television away from living like a monk. I would likely not even bother with window coverings if I did not have a wife that likes to decorate.

        Leftism. You make an assumption based on my distaste for the current rop of republican candidates and my lack of desire to throw my vote away on a third party candidate to make a point that would fall on deaf ears. Of those running Gary Johnson would make the best President. Back to reality I would far rather hear unpleasant truths from President Obama than pretty lies from Mitt Romney.

        You think you know me so well Japesy. You don’t really know me at all. “If you don’t know me by now…You will never never never know me ooh. ooh ooh.” I love that song.

      • In spite of what I admittedly can’t know about you personally, you are siding with the ideology/party that obviously has “daddy issues”; secular leftism. It is an ideology with as many faiths, dogmas and beliefs as any religion, it just doesn’t admit this. Yet this amusing phrase is a part of it from what I’ve learned. And by ‘materialism’, I meant interpreting the universe in a material way, more than intrinsically meaningful or spiritual.
        Or, is the heart of reality nothingness, or all by chance, or is it from intent, and love? The leftist in politics overwhelmingly tends to side with the materialist-type in philosophy/values, “nothingness is at the heart of all things”. And to say that there was some ‘intent’, is a fairy tale!”

        Yet still, that’s a description of a point of view I want to disagree with, not inherently meant as an insult.

      • Come over to the light side Japesy, you might just learn something beyond the hate spewing of the right. You have truly been indoctrinated. Contrary to what you might think I don’t hate you. I pity you and those like you that buy into the whole right wing ideology. What you believe about the left is what you have been convinced is true. But it isn’t. We would welcome you.

        With that I have a long day coming tomorrow and a short night. As much as I enjoy sparring with you, and I do truly enjoy the dialogue, I need to take my meds and go to bed. I’ll be happy to pick this up on Thursday or Friday. Cheers!

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  32. great letter to Ann Colter, as a retired sports camera man for a t.v network let say me say you are spot on, some people havent seen your work ethic & DEVOTION!!!!!

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  34. The sad truth of the matter is that Ann Coulter will probably not even read this letter. If she does it will be another thing she scoffs at. I think her shell of hatred of others who don’t agree with her is probably higher and thicker than the Berlin wall. Ann Coulter does not appear to have any inner soul or conscience so therefore will not even acknowledge that she has done anything wrong. The best that can come from people like Ann Coulter and David Schmanski a responder above is that they will serve as example of what evil and hatred looks like and hopefully give others a chance to change course. Haters are gonna hate.

  35. YOu flippin liberals make me sick… You pretend to be offended by the “r” word, yet the “m” word …murder…. with partial birth abortion and “s” word…sadistic prick as your president watches our ambassador tortured and killed and made our marines “stand down” and do nothing to save them. Yet the f of my internet you slimy pricks.

    • Davey, I believe you meant “Get the F off of my internet you slimy pricks.” You’re too stupid and reactive to be able to get the sentence even close to correct. If that’s how you feel then make me you right wing ditto-head moron.

      The internet came from a data sharing system created by the governmnt agency DARPA. It’s just as much my internet as it is yours.

      Getting to the heart of your ignorant post are you okay then with Ann Coulter using the r-word? While we’re on it why don’t you go suck Glen Beck’s and Shawn Hanity’s balls in that latent homosexual fantasy all you right wing flag waving homophobe (on the outside) dream about.

      • Sure Japes, when you stop telling me what to do on an open forum I might just do it. You’re another one of those right-wing, ditto-head, Ann Coulter loving morons. But you seem to prefer it whan I call you an idiot according to your previous post.

      • Nope, missed it again, Adam. I was being sarcastic when I asked you to stop being a name caller. Why? Because I know I was asking the type of person who *is* a name caller. ie., someone who is of such low class and reason and character in the first place, to *be* one who attacks the humanity of another, rather than face them with ideas and logic…or, a ‘name caller’. Nice try though. 😉

      • Funny the man calling me no-class is the same man that says Ann Coulter is a classy lady that meant no offense. Nice try loser. Yes I am a name caller. I call them as I see them. I’m beginning to agree with you on one point though. You aren’t a moron. You are an idiot. Your village called. They really miss you.

      • She is a quite classy, highly insightful and witty woman satirist and author, who happens to think secular leftism is hurting millions and ruining the greatest country ever.
        Also, she did indeed mean harm to the object of her insult, the bully who was being an arrogant, condescending, bad example of a person much less a President, by unjustly attacking and trying to shut up her friend.

        But yes, perhaps she shouldn’t have used a word that is both simultaneously used as a colloquial insult and a medical condition. Why? Because then it could be used by the Left to imply that she was not using it in the first sense, but rather to attack the latter (is this too subtle for you to grasp?) …therefore she is evil…therefore don’t listen to her ideas.

        For you see, Adam, the reason you want to convince that she is evil, is because you want to shut her ideas/thoughts and anyone up who disagrees with your ideology/religion, aka Leftism. Why? Because in spite of your Daddy issues with your source, at the end of the day, you *do not have truth* on your side. You’ll see, someday.

      • Japesy, it’s the self-righteous like youthat don’t have the truth. Jesus didn’t say he was the way and the truth and the light. The men that wrote the new testament did. If in fact that is the “truth” you mean in your misguided attack on my atheism along with Patton.

        I’m still waiting for the sources you won’t be able to provide to back up your version of the truth. You are mistaken to believe that i won’t believe facts. Logic, science, and factual data rule the atheist’s life and actions. Not some imaginary invisible man in the sky that you believe created everything six thousand years ago. Whatever get’s you through the night Japesy.

        Still waiting on those sources to back up your claims.

      • Believe what you will. Man wrote both testaments of the bible, not god. The book of Mormon conmtains passages from the King James Bible that were copied word for word and found by Joseph Smith on Golden Plates found in the forest. That and God lives on the Planet Kolab. So is that the truth too? If it isn’t what does that make Mitt Romney?

      • Adam J R. -That is the kind of comment that comes from someone without a compass.

        Since I have been away for a while, I am reposting my response to you at this location. You have too much free time to insult people. I can’t keep up.

        You are the one to be thanked for the hilarity, though your self professed widsom isn’t really a laughing matter. You are blind to your own contradictions and remain in ignorance.

        At the risk of violating Proverbs 26:4, I will explain my compass coment. It was simply a resposnse to your statement that you are an atheist. By saying that I have “judged you” (implying that I have judged you incorrectly) are you now saying that you are not an atheist?! Atheists love to hide behind the judgement verse to silence blievers, but they take the verse out of context. They spew poison from their mouth and when responded to, they run like a little girl behind the “Don’t judge me” verse (Matthew 7:1).

        You speak of violating law. How about your violation of the laws of science: Let’s start with Newton’s first law. What caused the force? If there is no force, there is no bang and therefore, no existence. That of course looks past the question of where did matter come from in the beginning. Let’s start by saying that God is the force that creates the Big Bang. After all, something had to cause it! Creation explains that God is outside the dimension of time. In His words, “I am the alpha and omega”. Without creation from where did matter come? Your problem is that you allow people (including some well meaning chirstians) and the media and other people to define who God is to you and what the story is about. Hebrews 12:2 states that God is the author and perfector of our faith. What that means is that even our belief and knowlege of God is a gift from Him.

        Do you wonder why God has not given you that gift? That is exactly what I will pray for you: that God will give you a living faith as opposed to the faith you now have. I would challenge you to ask of Him as well. Just say, “God if you are real, then reveal yourself to me”. You have nothing to lose except the silly notion that your parents “created” you. Give me a break. If that is true, then that is what I call work! Our parents are more conduits for our existance than Creators. How cool is a God that gives that pleasure to us. Birth is a miracle. It is a sad joke to think your parents created you somehow by doing “it”. That is like saying that you created the system by which vitamins nourish your body by eating chocolate cake. The process of creating the genetic code was created. Think of it as “the Chinese made the firworks but we get to light the fuse.” The genetic code itself reveals design. The only design your Dad had was a plan to get your mom to do “it”. If my parents “created” me then I have a few complaints. Why didn’t they choose some better features! Bottom line: The whole universe reveals design. It is way beyond ignorance to think otherwise.

        More importantly than creation is your closing paragraph explaining how you live your life. I am sure that you have described it correctly. But, to think that you can live a life “good enough” misses the whole message of the Bible completely. No amount of praying that I can do for you (or for anyone) will change that you are not perfect. By the way, perfection in keeping the law is the requirement for eternal life. And that is not to say that we are going to some nebulous higher conscienceness. The Bible teaches that God will make all things new.

        Christianity stands in contrast to all other religions of the world when it comes to eternal/after life. All other religions teach that if you act good enough then…..pick the prize – you get to live another life on this planet, (only then global warming will be much worse!), Nirvana-some nebulous state of bliss, perhaps you will get a bunch of virgins, whatever. (I agree with Dennis Miller that after a few virgins, I would want someone with some experience. But, I digress.) Christianity is the story about the condition you are in and what has been done for you. The fact is – we all are lost, would it not be for that little inferior sequel to which you refer. You really should educate yourself before making comments that clearly communicate you don’t have any idea what you are talking about. Or, you could just deny all the order revealed in the universe and live life with any belief system acceptable to you. Hope you don’t mind if I choose not to follow your “compass”.

      • As i wrote in a previous follow up to Japesy I had shoulder surgery yesterday. i hardly “ran away like a little girl.” My right shoulder hurts so badly even walking is painful. If it gives makes you happy to pray for me then pray to your god that my shoulder pain would be half of what it currently is. That would be much more helpful to me tham finding god. thanks just the same.

      • Adam, I *never* wrote that you ran away like a little girl. What the hey ho are you talking about.
        I hope you recover well.

      • Sorry I wasn’t clear Japes. Morgan said that about running away. I detest the lack of control pain killers wash over me. that and typing with my left thumb on my cell phone.

      • I remember just hating the feeling vicadin gave me, in my head, after I had back surgery. (brilliant with the pain, though) Although after a few days, I was liking them, and after over a week, I was absolutely loving them. Thank God doc cut me short, lol.

      • Adam J R. I am sorry to hear that you are in pain and hope your shoulder heals quickly. And, I will pray to that end. I like you Adam J R. I hope you don’t mind that I offer this thought for you: Your shoulder pain is nothing compared to the day when you lay on your deathbed – if you are lucky enough to have that time. On that day, you will realize how small you (we all) really are in the scheme of creation. You will realize that you are not in control and that your parents didn’t create you. You will realize the breath within you has been a gift and you will be afraid as you sense it is growing weak. Proverbs 1:7 says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” On that day, I hope you will remember that little sequel, to which you referred, specifically John 3:16. And, I hope that you will put your faith in Jesus as your substitute for taking the punishment that we all deserve. God is just. To break the commands of the one who gave us life requires death. That is why, “God made Him, who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” 2 Corinthians 5:21

        While you are healing, I would suggest you google the Book of John (NIV version) and read it. I also suggest you read the Book of Ecclesiastes which is about life without God. The term used to reference no God is “under heaven”. It is one of my favorites. You will recognize some familiar things in that book. You will see that The Byrds (music band) were big fans of Ecclesiastes.

        Heal up Adam J R and come to life. For those apart from the Creator have never really lived.

        Grace and peace to you.

    • David – your hatred and simple mindedness does not serve your cause. If you care about what you are saying – try some looking at yourself in the mirror with some kindness, maybe then your self loathing will not spread.

      • JP – your hatred and simple mindedness does not serve your cause. If you care about what you are saying – try some looking at yourself in the mirror with some kindness, maybe then your self loathing will not spread.

    • David

      a person does not have to be a “flippin liberal” to have a sense of dignity, decency and integrity. Your ignorance speaks for itself. Prresident Obama was very long distance, across a large ocean, and nowhere near the scene in Benghazi, but perhaps you are such a magical shapeshifter that you could have hopped an ocean in red tights and rescued people who were besieged. Fat chance. Let’s see you do it. Love to see you flap your wings over the Atlantic and even better yet, face hostile forces alone–and I don’t think we’d much grieve the loss of your stupidity or mouth.

      • Apparently you don’t watch anything besides mainstream media – they watched a LIVE feed from the Situation Room in the White House, where they were repeatedly asked for help, and DID NOTHING! Not only that, but Tyrone Woods had a laser ON THE TARGET and asked for a strike, and they were told to stand down. It was that same tartget that took his life. Then…you want to talk about the “r” word, which for all the grown ups here, is retard. Well, let’s see, you just called him the “s” word, and Adam called him a right wing ditto head moron. Hmmmm…

      • Save you breath. David obviously prefers it when his President pisses his pants in front of a room cull of schoolchildren when a crisis breaks out. You know real manly leadership worthy of a wartime President.

      • Hey Fred, you do know that lying is wrong, don’t you? Besides, thinking about the kids right in front of you and wrapping up with them, instead of over-reacting when there was nothing you could do in that moment, is something a bureaucratic collectivist, materialist, statist, secular leftist in ideology like yourself cannot relate to. So I don’t think you’re lying, you’ve just filled in the blanks in your lack of understanding with your own ugliness.

        Most of what leftists incessantly accuse and condemn others for are examples of this kind of projection.

        Truth is irrelevant to one who believes death is at the heart of the universe. We get to believe it’s love. : )

      • “condemn others for are examples ” Hey Japesy boy, i believe you meant “our examples” or “their examples.” But then again you’re such an idiot (your word, not mine) I wouldn’t expect you to know the difference.

      • Oooooh Japesy. Pot meet Kettle. I was bullied as a child and once I got big enough and strong enough to never be bullied again I took the roll of defending others against bullies. You are actually the bully here with your constant nonsensical right-wing ideological ravings. I am here defending others against your bullying. The more time you spend defending yourself against my comments the less time you have to devote to attacking everyone else. News for you Japesy, I am having surgery tomorrow on my arm so after tonight I’ll be away from the computer for a few days. Don’t take my temporary disappearance for victory. I’ll be back to defend others against your moronic attacks.

      • I too was bullied. Yet like I wrote earlier, being bullied can lead to one being more sensitive to other’s pain, or to becoming a bully themselves. (Similar to how becoming a cop can make or break a man.) For me, I’ve since child-hood been a deep and passionate defender of the bullied; personally and in my entire world view. You, it seems, have ideologically decided to replace and kneel to the State as your new bully, with a Mephistopheles type bargain that it bullies who you see as the right people. (Just an off-cuff theory) Well news for you, it’s easy to vote for the State (who makes *nothing* and only directs and takes what other’s earn) to forcibly take from those individuals who earned it to give to those who didn’t; to make yourself feel better. Leftism is pathetic, and antithetical to true, organic growth of human community.

      • Ahh, Faust. So now the President is Mephistopheles. That’s ignorant and your view of the world is warped. Here you go again witht he class-warfare chant. As a nation we are under-taxed. Not only am I all for the highest tax rate to go back to what it was in the Clinton-era all tax rates should return to that era. Those of us that are working should pay more and those on top should go back to paying their full and fair share as well. We are in a deficit situation. Those tax rates brought us a surplus. Keep worshiping the corporatocracy as you right wingers do. I paid federal income taxes. Exxon Mobile made Billions in profits and got a refund. That seems fair, to a republican. Essential services cost money. People at the bottom need help. Turn them away with no shoes on their feet, no food, and no healthcare. That’s oh so christian of you. You have the chutzpah to call my ideology into question? That is the funniest of all. On the left we believe in giving the under priviledged a hand up and a way out. That’s the “christian” thing to do.

      • You wrote:
        “So now the President is Mephistopheles.”
        No, I meant with ‘the Left’, or Leftism in general. As like choosing to believe in a religion which holds certain, distinguishing values and expectations. Anyway, it was easy to fault my weak analogy if not appreciating it, granted.
        You wrote:
        ” On the left we believe in giving the under priviledged a hand up and a way out.”
        Actually, those on the Left tend to believe that it’s a good to use the power of the State to force certain citizens out of their earnings to redistribute to other citizens. Jesus would *never* force someone to give charity. And that’s easy, Adam. Yet what leftists nor leftism never admits nor faces nor debates, is how this phenomenon actually disenfranchises the recipients of the “free” stuff, and ends up being worse for them, their families and communities then they were before. for example, the Left has nearly 100% controlled the poorest of the poor communities and cities for half a century now (and their education). Their education and family cohesiveness is worse than ever imagined possible. More kids are crying themselves to sleep every night, exponentially since you’ve gained control, almost exclusively because of the statist Left. It is horrific what the Left has done to our culture, our communities and to the most vulnerable amoungst us. And I mean that word, horrific! It is. ):

      • No liberal has a sense of decency if they support partial birth abortion. This act is the most heinous and disgusting thing in american history. Anyone supporting it has no right to lecture on decency.

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  37. John has managed to put together a letter, that says if I was the recipient of it, would hang my head in shame for the statements that Ann Coulter has had come out of her mouth & fingers (on Twitter) regarding the “R” word. There is nothing more ignorant than someone that fails to understand that calling someone a name may not always be an insult. In this case I would have to say “it isn’t”, as this young man has proven. A matter in fact he seems to be alot more intelligent than Ann Coulter & people of her group or most of the GOP that would like to take away some of the programs that help him be able to prove they are just as able as any of us, & in some cases most of us.

  38. here is link for petitions regarding Ann Coulter

    Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC Television & Radio: Remove Ann Coulter from TV & Radio

    News networks: Stop booking Ann Coulter!

    Barnes and Noble Booksellers: Stop carrying books written by Ann Coulter

    Let’s get Ann Coulter off the Air!!!: Foxnews and affiliates should not stand behind a woman who spews hat

    there are several apology petitions,

  39. A wonderful letter from John Franklin Stephens, but to petition for the suppression of the awful woman’s opinions would surely be counter-productive. No decent person will be listening to her anyway, will they?

    • I honestly wish that was true Stephen but unfortunately this disgusting individual has reached a level of recognition and exposure that can no longer be ignored. Her hateful tirades and books receive so much attention that they begin to make that type of language socially acceptable. I’m aware of the fact that not everyone will agree with this petition that I support but I cannot just sit back and remain silent. I’ve been fighting for the disabled for the majority of my life and I’ve seen firsthand the vicious level of abuse that is directed towards them by our society every day. I’ve also seen just how caring and forgiving those same individuals are on a daily basis and the level of excitement and genuine gratitude they have for things that most people take for granted. I openly admit that Ann Coulter alone is not the problem and no amount of online petitions or emails will ever change or silence her. With that being said I will never stop fighting for those who are unable to fight for themselves and it’s nice to finally have a little extra support in something I’ve been doing for most of my 34 years on this planet.

    • No one is suggesting that she be prevented from expressing her opinion, just that she not be allowed to do it on public airwaves

    • The irony of it all is that Coulter is clearly showing her own idiocy by her failure to come up with a different word to express her thought. The English language is filled with so many different words and ways to make a point, and she simply cannot seem to grasp that. She’s a joke … and yes, you are correct, Stephen. No decent person pays any attention at all to her.

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  41. If anyone is interested there is an online petition at change.org entitled “lets get ann coulter off the air”. If you just enter the words “ann coulter off the air” into any search engine it should pull right up and it only takes a minute to sign. It has made it’s first benchmark of 100 signatures which means it’s not going away anytime soon. If we can get 10,000 signatures it will be sent out world wide to every change.org subscriber and then we could put some real pressure on fox news. Also if you would like to send an email to her publishers at sentinelpublicity@us.penguingroup.com and let them know how you feel in a rational and articulate manner it couldn’t hurt. I’m sick of just being angry and would love to see people put aside politics and come together under the banner of decency. If we all sign the petition and try to make others aware of it’s existence there is actual hope of making an impact and making our voices heard. It’s time to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves!

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