“He’s my super hero and my inspiration.” In the world of Special Olympics, those are the kinds of words typically said by a father, about his son.

But it’s fitting that on Father’s Day, those were the words of New Mexico athlete and Global Messenger Tim Harris, talking about his dad, Keith.

Keith and Tim were featured in a must-watch Father’s Day story, shown on Friday’s CBS Evening News and today’s CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood.

Watch CBS Evening News feature:

We posted about Tim earlier this year…when attendees of this year’s Special Olympics U.S. Business Meeting in New Mexico had the great pleasure of meeting Tim, and his dad, when Tim hosted everyone at his restaurant – Tim’s Place, which provides “the friendliest service in the world” and serves “breakfast, lunch and hugs.”

Tim doesn’t charge extra for the hugs and, as he said “most customers order at least one, sometimes two” – he has a counter on the wall to track his hugs – nearly 19,000 to date.

Tim was also recently featured in the “Heroes Among Us” section of People magazine

We salute all the “dads” of Special Olympics!

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