Happy Friday!  If you can spare about 2 minutes, listen to this great piece from National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and their weekly StoryCorps segment, which captures the memories of everyday people.

This features an interview with Jose Rodriguez, a Special Olympics New Jersey athlete turned coach, who will be helping his athletes compete in state summer games this weekend.  While he once was involved in street life and fighting, since participating in Special Olympics he has turned his life around.

He asked his former coach, in 20 years, what will you remember the most about me?  Answer: “I think I’ll remember most the way in which you care about people, and the players that aren’t as talented on our team, they’re as important to you as the best player on the team. You don’t just put words out there – you show them, and you do it in a very kind way.”

Click here to listen: http://www.npr.org/2012/06/08/154511892/finding-a-very-kind-way-to-lead-special-olympians

Jose Rodriguez and his former coach, Charles Zelinsky. Jose is now a Special Olympics coach himself – he’ll be coaching as part of Special Olympics New Jersey state summer games this weekend. (PHOTO: Courtesy, StoryCorps/NPR)

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