Despite the grinding poverty of Haiti and other countries of extreme poverty, the human spirit is strong.  Together with partners, the leaders of Special Olympics Haiti are doing their part to unleash that spirit and educate and celebrate people with intellectual differences.

The information and pictures below were just sent to me from our team working on this project with a closing note, “Our team will not let up until the job is done!”


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From the team:
Our Haiti work is slowly but surely starting to work. Here are our first Special Olympics/Digicel Unity Center photos. There is another building just like the one in the picture not in view. There are three rooms in each building with furniture, tables, chairs, desks and electricity. The basketball court/concrete slab is finished and  the posts are erected. There is a huge field on the other side that will eventually be a soccer field. About 60 people attended today including the new Secretary for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities. Athletes, school children, youth, board members, Digicel and the Mayor.

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