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Last week, Special Olympics helped Safeway kick off its annual Campaign for People with Disabilities.  The event, which took place on 3 April in Pleasanton, California featured celebrity guests and Safeway executives including:

  • Larree Renda, EVP & President, Safeway Health, Safeway and President, Safeway Foundation Board
  • Christy Duncan-Anderson, Executive Director, The Safeway Foundation
  • Avril Lavigne, Singer/songwriter and Founder, Avril Lavigne Foundation
  • Rick Colett, President & CEO, Special Olympics Northern California
  • Brady Lum, our very own President & COO!

Safeway is a leading employer of people with disabilities in the US and Canada and has donated more than $8M to Special Olympics Programs in North America since 2008. Safeway is also a frequent sponsor of Special Olympics State Games and hosts Cop-on-Top fundraisers.

This year, Safeway is celebrating the 26th anniversary of its annual month-long People with Disabilities Campaign between March 30 and April 30.  This means that Safeway stores will ask shoppers to donate at check-out to support people with disabilities and will give a portion of the proceeds to Special Olympics. Safeway is also helping to raise awareness for Special Olympics through in-store broadcasts and video messages to customers and employees about how donations are put to work.

Check out the photos from the event, including the bagging contest! And for our readers in the US and Canada, don’t forget to donate to Special Olympics the next time you’re in the check-out line!

2 thoughts on “Special Olympics and Safeway Launch People with Disabilities Campaign

  1. @JayGL – Take a look at the video posted with the blog – Aubrey & Jen get props there. They are listed in the credits and have some camera time. Thanks to Amy for posting the video.

  2. Missing from your report was the participation of many Special Olympics athletes who helped the celebrities (including Aubrey Merriman another Special Olympics staff member) with the bagging. You can see some of them in the slide show wearing their medals. I would like to point out one of my favourite athletes, Jennifer Hall who helped Avril Lavigne.

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