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Clearer vision was the aim when Special Olympics Australian Capital Territories (ACT) conducted an Opening Eyes screening under the Healthy Athletes Program. The screening was held on the sidelines of a multi-sports competition on 14 November 2011 in Canberra.

Since 2001, Lions Club International (LCI) has supported the Healthy Athletes Program. Second LCI Vice President Barry Palmer made his first visit to an Opening Eyes screening to witness the program at a local level and meet athletes and Special Olympics Clinical Directors overseeing this program.

In return for LCI’s generous financial support, Special Olympics engage LCI’s executives at a local and international level by involving them in the Opening Eyes process, including registration, color vision testing, visual acuity tests and eyewear distribution. With this positive volunteer engagement, the executives are made aware of the athletes’ visual needs, and are able to help provide them the proper eye care needed to excel in their daily lives.

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