I was delighted this morning to hear from our team at Special Olympics Latin America about the wonderful work Peace Corps Volunteers are doing with Special Olympics in Panama to help prepare for the Central American and Caribbean Regional Games taking place in April 2012.

Catherine Fabiano, the first Peace Corps Volunteer stationed with Special Olympics has been working with the Latin America team for just two months and has already recruited 45 Peace Corps Volunteers to help with the Regional Games! In addition, Catherine and other Peace Corps Volunteers have also helped organize competitions in Panama Metro, Panama Este, and Veragues.

Two of the volunteers who participated in the Veraguas Games are now hoping to establish local Special Olympics programs in their communities and Catherine is spreading the word about Special Olympics’ So Get Into It program to other Volunteers across Panama.

I know my mother and father would be very proud if they were here to see the growth of this partnership after just two short months.  Keep up the great work, Catherine!

One thought on “Special Olympics-Peace Corps Partnership Flourishes in Panama

  1. I have known Katheryn since she was a thoughtful and sweet girl in the ninth grade,and none of this story surprises me. She is a spectacular person from a spectacular family.

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