Happy Monday fellow Special Olympics fans!  So every day there are hundreds of articles published all over the world about our organization.  Today there is one in particular I wanted to share that should hopefully bring some motivation to your week.

The Huffington Post, “the” internet newspaper, has debuted a new series about inspiration and leadership – and they have just launched the series with an interview with our Special Olympics Chairman and CEO, Tim Shriver.

Please take a moment to read this Q&A and also to watch the 4-minute video that follows to learn, as Tim says, that Special Olympics “is not an organization WITH a leader, it is an organization OF leaders.”

Share your thoughts here and also directly on the Huff Po site. Who do you know within our World of Special Olympics that is an inspirational leader?  An athlete, a coach, a standout volunteer?

Read the Q&A
Huffington Post – Tim Shriver Talks Special Olympics, The Kennedy Legacy And Leading By Asking (The Inspirationals)

Watch the Video

One thought on “The Inspirationals – You Are The Agent Of Change

  1. This movement is simply awesome, it build leaders, it gives everyone a chance and most important it brings out the human spirit in everyone of us. God bless Mrs Shriver and her familty, you all are making a difference.

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