A wonderful legacy of every World Games is how they continue to excite and unite fans, long after closing ceremonies.  This is especially true in past host countries.  If you attended the World Games in Athens or followed their international news coverage, you surely encountered the enthusiastic fandom of Team China (host of our 2007 World Summer Games) and Team Ireland (host of our 2003 World Summer Games).

Over the course of the Games, Chinese news sources produced more than 80 articles from daily, weekly and news wire, 34 video clips from on various news and sports networks, and 178 published web articles! Considering this event was not even on Chinese territory, this is quite an impressive turnout!

In Ireland, one fan went so far as to suggest a “Special Olympics Roadshow” to re-energize the country and its spirit of volunteerism.

Undoubtedly, the spirit of unity that is generated by the Games among volunteers, fans, athletes and entire countries continues to live on in their hearts and minds.  Thank you Ireland for continuing to energize fans, just as you did in 2003! Thank you China, for sustaining the unity we saw in 2007!

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