Over the past 10 days, youth leaders from around the world have been discussing ways to activate and engage youth in their communities to better promote acceptance, respect and their local Special Olympics program. These youth leaders have shared ideas, strategies and resources and have used the Global Youth Activation Summit to determine a Plan of Action for when they return to their home countries.

I wanted to take a moment to share some of the inspiring activities these youth leaders have planned during the next year or so. These youth truly are the leaders of TODAY AND TOMORROW. They are ready to make a difference in their communities for people with intellectual disabilities! Read about their action plans and be inspired!!! (*This is just a small sample from over 30 different countries/states represented at the Global Youth Activation Summit)

Austria: We are going to write articles about the Global Youth Activation Summit and submit them to our local newspapers.

Great Britain: We are going to organize a Bocce competition and develop a Wiki website to share information from the GYAS and World Games.

Italy: We are going to organize a talent show at our school to showcase the talents and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities.

Morocco: We are going to host a conference to help change attitudes about people with intellectual disabilities.

Nebraska: We are a going to become certified coaches for unified sports.

Pakistan: We are going to set up a youth board and host a carnival that promotes the R-word campaign.

Oregon: We are going to organize a Unified Field Day on Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day.

Paraguay: We are going to develop a report for our Board of Directors detailing what we learned at the Youth Summit.

Tanzania: We are going to work with the School Board to get them involved with Special Olympics.

Tunisia: We are going to host 2 or 3 sessions per week to talk to students in our school about Special Olympics and rely on the teachers to help promote acceptance.

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