Victor Ifesinachi is fitted with temporary molds for his brand new hearing aids.

No one knows better than the doctors at Healthy Athletes the enormous impact their work can have on the lives of the athletes they help, but occasionally someone reminds them with almost magical words of appreciation. The words below came to Dr. Ruth Bentler from Paul Ayotunde, an educator from Lagos, Nigeria. Dr. Bentler and other audiologists at the Healthy Hearing venue of Healthy Athletes at World Summer Games, fitted two of his students – Victor Ifesinachi and Victor Okon – with free hearing aids, provided by the Hear the World Foundation.

Paul Ayotunde wrote:

“No gold nor silver to send, no box of chocolate to forward, no scent of rose to dispatch — just a word of appreciation: THANK YOU SO MUCH for what you did for my athletes from Nigeria Team “Victor Ifesinachi” and “Victor Okon” for giving them the opportunity to have hearing aids and the beautiful molds you made for them. I don’t know what to say other than thank you. May the Lord Almighty strengthen you (Amen). Thanks and God bless.”

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