Wanted to pass a quick word of thanks to all who have expressed concern about the safety of our athletes with regard to the riots in Greece. Please know that the riots are not in immediate proximity to our sporting venues or athlete accommodations. Everyone is safe. The Games are going as planned and our athletes continue to strive to beat their best every day as they inspire the world with their bravery and courage.

While the people of Greece have been very welcoming to the Special Olympics movement, their country is currently undergoing difficult economic and political times.  As you are aware there have been strikes this week and ongoing demonstrations near the Parliament in Syntagma Square.  While none of our competition venues are close to the demonstrations, many hotels and tourist attractions are in the center of Athens so there have been minor delays in getting around due to road closures.

Otherwise, things continue to go as planned and all are safe. So now, on with the Games!

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