I am here in Athens working our best to help service all of the great media who support us with the inspiring stories of our Special Olympics athletes that deserved to be shared – – and this morning was fortunate enough to meet our Director from Special Olympics Iceland, Anna Karólína Vilhjálmsdóttir, who told me an incredible story I had to also be sure to share with all of you…

Two of our SO Iceland athletes got engaged at our World Games Opening Ceremony on Saturday.  How cool is that?  Here is the recap from Special Olympics Iceland Media Coordinator, Jon Bjorn Olafsson:

“Shortly after the Icelandic Delegation had marched through the Kallimarmaro Panathinaiko Stadium during the Opening Ceremony at the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens Gudmundur Bjornsson and Aslaug Thorsteinsdottir had a surprise. Once the Icelandic Delegation was seated and other nations still marching into the ancient arena Gudmundur and Aslaug went into their pockets bringing out their brand new engagement rings. The inspiring speech of Mr. Shriver and the silky smooth duet of Vanessa Williams and Steve Wonder during the Opening Ceremony were memorable but the memory of Gudmundur and Aslaug and their little act of love will long be cherished by the Icelandic Delegation. It almost goes without saying that this engagement is a record breaking event in Icelandic engagement history, the couple got engaged during the Opening Ceremony of the biggest sporting event in the world. As all athletes the couple are in Athens to take part in something special and they will have to wait a while longer to celebrate their commitment together as they are separated in two different sports during the Games. Gudmundur in Bocce whilst his wife to be competes in Bowling.”

Check out the photo – CONGRATS Gudmundur and Aslaug!

Gudmundur and Aslaug celebrate their engagement at Special Olympics World Summer Games ATHENS 2011 Opening Ceremony on Saturday June 25th

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