While 7,000 athletes are preparing for competitions here in Greece, 67 youth from around the world are gathering to discuss youth leadership, social change and creating school communities of acceptance and inclusion at the 2011 Special Olympics Global Youth Activation Summit (GYAS).

After a busy day of sessions about inclusive community initiatives and the youth role in building communities, GYAS attendees got to relax and enjoy a screening of the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Following the movie, youth leaders had a chance to hear from the film’s star and Special Olympics Global Ambassador, Zhang Ziyi.

The flying acrobatics in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon inspired Zhang Ziyi to invite the youth leaders on stage to share their own special dance moves and talents. Then she provided some inspiring words of advice for the youth leaders before signing autographs for all in attendance!  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Additionally, Zhang Ziyi invited the youth delegations from China and Hong Kong up on stage and they performed a traditional Chinese song. Check it out:

Thanks Zhang Ziyi for supporting Special Olympics youth leaders!!

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