If anyone doubts that Special Olympics is a revolutionary social  movement designed to challenge the enormous hidden discrimination against our population, I hope that they’ll read the tragic story of Jonathan Carey published last week in the New York Times.

Once you’ve read it, I encourage you to close your eyes and picture yourself on the field or in the gym or at the pool.  Picture yourself playing, shooting, swimming, running as fast as you can, trying your best, smiling, sweating, laughing.  Remember that feeling of freedom, of fun, of celebration that comes when we bring our mission to life.  Remember that we remove all the fear and indifference and scorn that leads to situations like the ones described in this story and we replace it with relationships of great affection and hope.  Remember that we take sports seriously because we take our athletes seriously.  Remember how powerful we can be.

And then I hope you will also remember to stay the course, to work harder to help the world play unified so that one day, we can all live unified and maybe, just maybe, stories like these will someday stop and become a subject for history students.  Until then, we must play on.

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