With the Special Olympics World Summer Games Athens 2011 just around the corner, I wanted to take a second a share a poem written by Special Olympics Great Britain’s National Volunteer Manager. Some inspiring words for our Special Olympics athletes as they gear up for the competitions in Greece.

Please read and enjoy!

ATHENS – This is Your Home
By Gaye Barber, Special Olympics GB
National Volunteer Manager

This city a place of great legend and history
Where tall crumbling pillars conceal tales of mystery
This city called Athens this ancient place
The home of the archer, the start of the race
The sounds of the contest, the roar of the crowd
Hearts beating so hard you can hear them out loud

This city of Athens a place of great hope
Where men would wrestle or pull on a rope
Swim out in the waters, or ride saddle free
The only respite was the shade of a tree
These men of true spirit, great strength, one dream
Came here to seek a crown of leaf green

In their steps you follow, but yet lead the way
Your stories of courage will come from this day
You are now the true Athletes of history
who have come to this place of legend and mystery
You will compete on this world’s greatest stage
In this finest of tales you will fill the next page

The flame has been waiting to light up your way
To guide you here where you gather today
You’ve waited your turn with respect and good grace
And now you are here at this ancient place
Athens, where the spirit of great heroes roam
You are not strangers here this is your home

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