The White House launched a cool program today called “Champions of Change: Winning the Future Across America” in which they recognize “ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things.”  The official press release says the series will be “profiling Americans whose work is helping our country rise to the many challenges of the 21st century” and that each week they will “invite individuals from many walks of life to the White House to meet with Administration officials and share with us what they are doing to build a better tomorrow.”

We’re incredibly excited and proud to share that Special Olympics’ own Kathryn Clark has been recognized as a Champion of Change!  Please watch her profile video and join me in congratulating Kathryn!

After serving as a Peace Corps Youth Development Volunteer in Sierra Leone from 1968-1969, Clark became an area coordinator for Special Olympics in North Carolina. She returned to the Peace Corps in the 1980s at the request of founding Peace Corps Director Sargent Shriver, where she became the first Volunteer to launch a Special Olympics-based service project. Clark led efforts to establish Special Olympics programs in Jamaica, even recruiting and training the Volunteers who work with athletes.

One thought on “Kathryn Clark is a White House Champion of Change

  1. I was writing to you on behalf of my cousin Rocco Salciccioli who has mental and physical disability. He has played for the special olympics for many years. Recently there has been an issue with him being able to participate in one of your basketball programs. He had traveled and participated in most of the practices and was denied his right to participate in the final game. He is also being denied his right to participate in an upcomming game at Penn State. He was told that the reason for there action is because he had missed a few practices and that “He does not understand the concept of the game.” I had always thought that the special olympics were made for people with special needs. Just because someone has a disability does not mean they are incapable of doing anything that they set there mind too. Rocco is an outstanding basketball player and is very upset because of this. He also was handed a metal after they denied him his right to play. I am very upset about the actions taken that day and feel that we deserve an explaniation. I also would like him to be able to participate in the upcomming Penn State game. Thank you Samie Bryner You can reach me by e-mail sami8savannah6@live.com

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