We know you’ve waited all week for it, so here it is!  Friday Fun!!   Woo Hoo!

Olympian Supports the Plunge
Check out this cool video from Olympian Carrie Tollefson in support of the Special Olympics Minnesota Polar Plunge! Carrie is a native Minnesotan and does a weekly webisode/podcast of endurance training and fitness called C Tolle Run.

Sports Photos!
Have you seen the great new album of Special Olympics Sports photos on our Facebook page?  Be sure to check it out!
Long Jump

Hill Day Photos

Last week Special Olympics athletes from around the United States came to Washington D.C. to lobby Congress for support.  It’s an important time for our funding after the passage of a continuing resolution in the House.  But this is Friday Fun, and the fun part is the pictures!  Take a look at this great slideshow from the day!
Hill Day

Spread the Word
Last week was also the 3rd Annual Day of Awareness for our Spread the Word to End the Word campaign.  There were so many amazing vidoes, stories and pictures from the day – all of which you can find at www.r-word.org – but we thought it’d be fun to highlight this slideshow of pics from all the great support we got on Twitter from celebs and influencers!  Check it out!
Paula Deen

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