Too often it’s so easy to forget how hard it is to raise awareness about Special Olympics.  In the United States, Special Olympics has very high recognition and name awareness. That’s not so true in other parts of the world.  In places like India, and many others, it’s critical to raise awareness about the positive impact our athletes can make in their society.  So it’s really great to get reports from our field about events like the one below.  Check it out!


Six hundred people walked together, 300 with intellectual disabilities and 300 without intellectual disabilities, in a unified walk along the Marina Beach in Chennai, India on Sunday, March 6. Participants included SO Bharat (India) athletes, students without ID from local high schools and colleges, medical professionals, media presenter Jennifer Arul of NDTV HINDU, and Indian National Squash team players, including Dipika Pallikal, Joshana Chinappa, and Saurav Ghosal. Many pairs walked holding hands along the one kilometer stretch to a celebratory breakfast at the end.

The event organized by the Down Syndrome Association of Tamil Nadu in conjunction with Special Olympics Bharat—Tamilnadu and was designed to raise awareness about people with ID.

See a few pictures from the event.

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5 thoughts on “Raising Awareness in India

  1. Congratulations John Nagarajan and team ……you sure know how to do your job …Not too bad with the media…..Good luck in the spreading of Awareness pro gramme …wish our professionals were more committed or educated on Ethics of a professional career in Spl Education /Special Olympics …May be you can spread more awareness to the special Olympics Intl on our environment and working conditions …your sure, good in numbers ..that support your logistics … with tall achievements…
    Once again any job for a professional service in special.. education sports /Olympics ..in coaching summer games…??????

  2. Wonderful initiative. Sounds like the makings of a world wide intellectual disability day!

    All countries around the world, lead by Special Olympics athletes, volunteers family and friends join hands in unisen in celebrating peoples with disabilites.
    You may have something here.,..congratulations.
    Lenny Andrichuk
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    • Your sure happy ..loyal ….Did your family benefit ??? are you there in the pictures? …were you able to give your valuable time …..?.without considering the magnitude of such events ..most Indians love numbers …Head counts and Logistics with out a base …Consider 1991 games …were are those people ??? of the past glory ……

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