In honor of today’s Friday Fun post, I wanted to share a collection of stories that will make you laugh, make you smile and maybe even inspire you! Check out some of these great stories.

I just couldn’t help but chuckle after reading this story about a fundraising effort for a local High School in Iowa: The Student Senate at Mason City High School was looking for a creative way to help raise money for Special Olympics and Best Buddies so they thought they’d get a little help from singer Justin Bieber. The teen pop-star’s song “Baby” was played in the halls during all free time and would only stop once students and teachers met a fundraising goal of $800. It took just three school days for everyone to get sick and tired of hearing the song over and over and over again. By Wednesday afternoon the students and teachers had raised $812 to support Special Olympics and Best Buddies.

What a fun and creative way to fundraise! Check out the full story (and video from the fundraiser).

Next up, check out a brand new video from Youth Activation Committee members with Special Olympics Colorado. See why they’re encouraging people to Spread the Word to End the Word.

Here’s a great story that shows the ability and inspiration of our Special Olympics athletes. Kate Messler, from Special Olympics New Hampshire got an amazing opportunity to compete with her High School basketball team. Kate is normally the team’s manager, but her coach felt it was time for her to play, so he put her in the game. She hit 2-three pointers to help her teammates for the win. Congrats on the achievement! Check out a video from the game!

Another must share – some happy moments of Special Olympics athletes from around the world. They will definitely put a smile on your face!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Finally, Special Olympics athletes in North Carolina got pointers from the pros during a basketball clinic with the Charlotte Bobcats. Check out the video and see more photos from the event!


One thought on “A Friday FUNdraiser

  1. I have been a coach for a special olympic person for many years. That person just happens to be my daughter. She has done several things since she started when she was just about 7. There are so many medals at our house and trophys for basketball that we are running out of room for them. I love seeing all that these people do and their efforts to win. I will continue to do this until I can no longer go or my daughter or myself is dead. Everyone ought to come watch these special people and be blessed as I have. A very good motto (Let me win but if I can not win let me be brave in the attempt). God Bless each one of his creation.

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