Special Olympics has a chance to win a $100,000 donation but we need YOUR VOTES!

The Infinity Coaches’ Charity Challenge is taking place through March 11 where 14 NCAA men’s basketball coaches picked a charity of their choice, the coach with the most votes will have a $100,000 donation made in his name to his selected charity.

Matt Painter, head coach of the Purdue Boilermakers picked Special Olympics!  Now he needs YOUR VOTES!!  You can vote once a day through March 11.  So vote, share the news on your Facebook profiles, and tweet it out to the world!

You can vote on Infiniti’s Facebook page and on the microsite hosted by ESPN. Just find the vote button with Coach Matt Painter and vote!  (Note: you do have to sign up for a username at ESPN to vote. But it’s totally worth it!)

Also be sure to thank Coach Painter for choosing Special Olympics on Twitter @CoachPainter and on the Purdue Boilermakers Facebook page.

Check out the video below of Coach Painter talking about Special Olympics and SHARE this blog post with your friends!!!

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