Some great stories to share this week about teens taking it upon themselves to create acceptance and respect for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Definitely make sure to check them out…

>>Students with and without disabilities in Greenwich, Connecticut are playing basketball, building friendships and getting to know each other outside of the classroom. Read about Greenwich High Schools new Unified Sports program and check out a great slideshow of pictures, like this fist-bump between friends.

(Photo: Bob Luckey / Greenwich Time)

>>”I didn’t really expect them to come out and keep up with us because we are high-level hockey players. But they play really well. They work as a team to move the puck around together. They keep each other’s spirits up, cheering each other on when they score and cheering each other up when they miss.” Another great unified partnership is forming in Maryland between a Special Olympics floor hockey team and local competitive ice hockey teams. Read the full story.

>>Jenny Cusack and Caitlin Coughlan from Project UNIFY Delaware talked with contestants from TLC’s “Cake Boss: Next Great Baker” about the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign during the 2011 Polar Plunge: Polar Bear Cake-Off. The Fan Community video shows the students and bakers talking about the importance of removing the R-word from everyday speech.

>>This final piece is a blog post from Praying for Parker about a teenager’s quest to promote acceptance by educating her teachers and classmates on the hurtful R-word. A must read blog post!

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