It’s important for us to find a little inspiration each day to help us achieve our goals and to remind us that somewhere, someone is counting on us to strive not just toward those goals, but beyond.  Within Special Olympics we’ve been asking coaches all over the world to set goals of placing greater emphasis on conditioning and year-around training with our athletes.  We need these leaders to stop at nothing to create a culture of high expectations. And for this campaign, I think Kolan McConiughey is our role model and that’s why today, he is my inspiration.

For many years, Kolan has demonstrated to us how excellence in training and skill development has translated into tremendous individual accomplishments.  Last week, he bowled an 857 series (299, 258, and 300). This is no fluke.  Kolan practices nearly every day and has been doing so for years.  Over the course of his bowling career, Kolan has bowled eight perfect games. Last summer, I saw Kolan at the Special Olympics National Games in Nebraska where he won three gold medals.  When he shows up to compete, there isn’t anything he hasn’t done to make sure he will perform at his highest level.

In the weeks ahead, I’m hoping to share other examples of Special Olympics athletes all over the world who are striving to achieve their highest level of performance.  As always, it’s not about where our athletes start but rather, about how far they go.  I look forward to hearing from our coaches and all of you from around the world with your personal stories of athletes who have traveled the farthest so I can share them here on our blog for the world to celebrate their abilities and achievements.

Strive on!

One thought on “My Inspriation is Kolan McConiughey

  1. My son has speacial needs and he loves to be in the olimpics but we have a prolbem i am disabled and cant go to far. I would like to know if there is some way to get a teem started closer to mt. pleasant iowa ,it would mean so much to both of us thank you
    C J Wright

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