We’re capping off this week of Polar Plunge coverage with a few final videos of some fun (and frigid) plunges, plus a “unique” fundraiser from students at Central Michigan University. Happy Friday!

You know your Polar Plunge is hardcore when…
1. You’re plunging into a big hole drilled into an entirely frozen lake
2. To stay in the water for longer than a few seconds, you have to wear a suit fit for any sci-fi movie.

I think it’s safe to say, Polar Bear Plunge participants from Special Olympics Minnesota are hardcore!

They might not be dealing with the same frigid temperatures as Special Olympics Minnesota, but I think Special Olympics Florida plungers have some of the BEST COSTUMES I’ve seen this year! Check them out!

Then there are Special Olympics Utah plungers who seem to forget how cold it is outside and in the water… they’re just HAVING A BLAST!

Ok, so this final video is not Polar Plunge related, but it’s a fun story about fundraising for Special Olympics… Here’s one brave soul who helped raise money for Special Olympics by allowing his residents to cut his hair. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to raise money for Special Olympics? (See the finished product in the video below or read the full story for more details).

One thought on “Friday Fun (Video Edition)!

  1. We held a fundraisers that allowed patrons from a local resturant to pie the employees in the face for a donation to special olympics. One of the best fundraisers we’ve ever done.

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