TUNE IN ALERT: Please share far and wide that Special Olympics Chairman and CEO Timothy Shriver will be a guest on “Meet the Press with David Gregory” this Sunday on NBC.  Check your local listings for air time.

Tim will be talking about hate speech, political rhetoric and violence prevention in the wake of the tragic shooting in Tuscon, Arizona. This week Tim reflected on the issue in the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog in a piece called, “This is a moment for courage, reflection.

In the piece, Tim reflected poignantly on the effect of violence:

Violence is the ultimate despair of making sense of each other. It comes in words and actions; in what we say and in what we fail to say. It is all around us today. It is ugly.

He also challenged schools, media and politicians to have the courage to help lead us away from hate:

This is our moment. Let the networks show courage and discontinue the shows that spout hate. Let the schools show courage and give time and priority to teaching social and emotional gifts. Let the politicians show courage and change their mailings, their ads, their demonizing. And let the rest of us remember that seeking what is best for ourselves means seeking what is best for all of us.

Read Tim’s entire piece from On Faith, and tune-in Sunday to watch the in-depth discussion on “Meet the Press.”

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